Day 23: Treasures Tour at the British Library

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was our penultimate day experiencing London, and we all had a lovely time. The morning and early afternoon was free for us to do as we wished, so we split off into smaller groups to explore the city.

Nicole and I started off the day going to Kensal Green Cemetery, which was gorgeous and gigantic. After waiting for a majorly delayed Bakerloo line train out of Kensal Green, we explored Hyde Park. It had a beautiful and fragrant rose garden that was just begging to be photographed. Then we found Harrod’s, which is the poshest department store I have ever seen in my life!

At 3:00, we met up with the rest of the group at the British Library for our tour of their Treasures Collection. It was incredible! We saw THE manuscript of Beowulf and heard about the history of it. It’s quite amazing that the copy survived all the centuries of neglect. We also saw a folio and a few quartos of Shakespeare. Our tour guide showed us the progression of first pages, which demonstrated Shakespeare’s rise in importance (not mentioned at all on the first several publications to other authors using his name to sell their works). One of the coolest things for me (after the Shakespeare stuff, of course) was seeing the original hand-written copies of Beatles lyrics! Each one was accompanied by a little plaque giving background information. It would take far too long to tell about all of the interesting things we saw and learned about in the Treasures Collection, but I hope you enjoyed my few highlights.

After the British Library, we went out to a fantastic Italian restaurant called Strada and enjoyed a delicious meal together. To top off an already wonderful day, ten of us got a bird’s-eye view of the city from the London Eye!

We will all be sad to leave England tomorrow, but we look forward to seeing all of our friends and family back home.


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