Day 21 Part Two: Mrs. Dalloway Walk

Following our high tea our class started the second part of our day with Andrea leading us on the walk Mrs. Dalloway took in Virginia Woolf’s novel. Mrs. Dalloway and her husband owned a house near parliament and Big Ben, this was the start of our walk.


As we started the route we took a detour to Buckingham Palace to see where Queen Elizabeth II lives. Currently she is in residence at the palace so we could only look at the palace instead of taking a tour.



After this our class continued on Mrs. Dalloway’s walk in St. James’s Park. There we discussed the reflections of the main characters including themes of death and time.


Once the discussion in the park was finished we moved on with Mrs. Dalloway’s walk to Piccadilly Street. This is the street Mrs. Dalloway buys her flowers. Mrs. Dalloway states the city life reminds her of the hustle of life. This is where we ended our discussion. Some fellow students talked about how they likes Woolf’s use of real life places in her novel. We also discussed how what Mrs. Dalloway would have experienced on her walk would have been completely different from what we experienced on our walk today. The discussion of Mrs. Dalloway was a good way to end our day together.

Once we got back to the hostel everyone split up with some people going to Evensong and others going to find wifi. Sadly our trip will be coming to an end shortly. Seeing London is amazing and us students can’t wait for our free day tomorrow to explore London on our own! Cheers!


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