Day 16: Fun With Jane Austen

Goodbye, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Hello, Bath. After a late night of watching the amazing and creative interpretation of Roaring Girl at the Swan Theater, we are all a bit tired, but we put on a brave ace and had a delightful day.

Today, we rode the train to Bath, leaving Stratford-Upon-Avon behind us. Immediately after arriving we went to the Roman Baths and the Bath Assembly Room. Zach will be blogging tonight about the Roman Baths, so I will be skipping over it.

The Bath Assembly Room would have been the central point of socialization during Jane Austen’s time. She would have spent many occassions there. It even plays a role in Persuasion. I can understand why after visiting Bath’s Assembly Room.

The Bath Assembly Room was very ornate. The Assembly Room consisted of four rooms: the tearoom, the assembly room, the great octagon, and the ballroom. Today, Jesse gave an informative presentation about assembly rooms and Jane Austen’s Persuasion in the Great Octagon, which like its name states is an octagon.

The Great Octagon was a pale yellow color with one chandelier in the center of its ceiling. It had two layers of white, engraved boarding. Fireplaces lined the walls that were not doors to the other rooms. The ballroom was teal with five chandeliers hanging along the length. It too had detailed engraved decorations. The tearoom was unavailable because it was being prepared for a private event.

It was a beautiful day. I cannot wait to see what Bath has in store.
See You Later,
Jessica Donahue


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