Day 14: A Day with Anne Hathaway

Today as we were waiting for the bus to come the bus stop was in the end of a triathlon. As the wait lasted longer and longer we began to cheer for the passing bikers. One of the bikers did a one hand bow while still riding on as a thanks, another did a double fist pump into the air.


Once the bus came, the class was sad to leave the bus stop so we couldn’t cheer on the remaining bikers. Which we found out that it was the final leg by some lovely people on the bus who all got a nice laugh from watching us cheer while Dr Clark paid for our tickets.

We took the bus to Anne Hathaway’s cottage and birthplace. Anne didn’t own it once she was married so the name is a little misleading but she still lived there. When she was married to William Shakespeare she was three months pregnant and yet was still one of the better options for Shakespeare to marry. They were married for thirty-four years. The people who worked in the home weren’t sure if the marriage was one of love or not because in Shakespeare’s will Hathaway only got the second best bed. And at the time, the widow got a third of the land even if it wasn’t written in the will. Today the will is considered the third most important document, sadly this is kept in a library in London so I was not able to get a picture in it.

The house itself was lived in by Hathaway’s descendants until 1811 when the family wasn’t doing as well and had to sell most of their land. The house had many extensions after Anne’s life but in 1830 the house was sold.  Sixty-two years later the Shakespeare Trust was created and bought the house and the land.



The garden that is connected with the house was abousultly stunning, and it’s where Chanelle and Courtney became “engaged” These are their engagement photos:

IMG_4445 IMG_4447 IMG_4448After they became engaged we went off on a walk through the woods and found a cat whom I named Cheeky because she would pose perfectly for a picture and then look away at the last second. So I called her a cheeky devil. Gretchen picked her up and then she ran away but started following us and eventually let me pet her once the others were far enough away. Cheeky followed me out of the woods and then hopped up onto a table to be petted once more. It took me about a total of 20 tries to get a decent picture of Cheeky.

IMG_4541She followed me to the meeting place that Dr Clark had decided on and harassed both her and Jessica because she knew they didn’t want to pet her. The cat decided to sit right between them. Once everyone was at the meeting spot we left the house and went to Sainsbury’s for a quick pick up dinner and headed for the hostel on the bus. When we got the hostel, the rest of the day for us was free.

Today was a nice and slow day, but I can’t wait for the day tomorrow and to see the Roaring Girl.
Nicole Lettau


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