Blenheim Palace!

Today we went to Blenheim Palace! How exciting. It was the birthplace of Winston Churchill. You may have heard of him. It is also where the Duke of Marlborough lives. It is also the only palace not owned by Royalty or the Church of England. Here is a picture of the gates upon our first viewing. The gate was a great distance from the palace, and before we even could clearly seed the palace, it was easy to tell that incredible wealth was present here. If you can afford to have a super long driveway, you’ve got some serious cash. 


The palace really only grew in size as we reached it. The picture below shows a portion of the courtyard and one of the wings of the Palace. The stone you see is limestone. 


Because I know that all of you are very interested, here is the layout of the Palace. Everyone say ooh, and ah. Now all together. It’s really quite amazing, and this is just part of the grounds! And this picture doesn’t give the immense detail that is put into every part of the property. There are lots of signs that tell you to keep off the grass. For good reason too. The grass is well-trimmed and very green.


Below is the dining table that is traditionally used for Christmas dinner. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 


They also have an organ, because why not? The man pictured below played a few things for us on the organ and explained how some of the organ works. He was very good. I’m sure videos will be posted at some point. 


Have you ever thought about having a chapel of your own? Blenheim Palace has its own chapel. Is it worshipping God? Take a look.


Can you guess who those statues are supposed to be? These are members of the Churchill family (though they are now known as the Spenser-Churchills because of a genealogical curve). If you were able to look around the chapel, you would be able to see that the rest of the room is plain in comparison. This is because during the period in which it was made, Protestantism was very popular. Before this was built there was a period of persecution of the Catholics, and in this context, of religious statues. It was considered Idolatry. This is why the chapel is exceedingly plain, but there can statues of the family. Humorous? Yes. 

Below is a lovely bridge that leads to more property. 


Because we received a tour of the Palace with an emphasis on filming sites, we were told that the tree below was in the Harry Potter films. In my opinion I would say that this was really only the basis for that site. It sits across the bridge on the north side. 



Our guide also mentioned that Johnny Depp and Jack Black were both in films that were shot at Blenheim. Perhaps you’ve seen Gulliver’s Travels? These are just the more recent films. He mentioned many other films that most of us haven’t heard of, but it is definitely a popular spot for filming because of its amazing architecture and grounds. 

Words and pictures can hardly describe the awesomeness and the lavishness of this Palace. I hope this post has helped give you an idea of the Palace as well as informed you on some interesting facts. Tomorrow we’re heading to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and some Shakespeare in performance (Henry IV, Part 1)! 



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