Day 7: The Archive and Allan Bank

Hello everyone!

Today started off a little rainier than normal, but nothing that a good rain jacket couldn’t stop. Today was our first morning in Ambleside, which is part of the lake district. The YHA sits right next to Windermere Lake and even sports a dock for recreational purposes. Today we explored Grasmere which included tours at Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museums. Gretchen’s blog will feature those in greater depth.

As we were studying William and Dorothy Wordsworth, we went to the archives of the Wordsworth Trust, which owns the most texts on the Wordsworths. Here are some pictures of the archive.




At the archive, we viewed many manuscripts of William’s, Dorothy’s, and Samuel Coleridge (a contemporary and a friend of the Wordsworth’s). Here our group is examining the different versions of one of Wordsworth’s (William’s) poems. We attempted to transcribe what was written. Here is a sample of the writing.


As you can see, revisions made transcribing the journals and letters somewhat challenging.


In this photo, Nicole is showing off the 1st edition Frankenstein that we got to pass around. It came in three small volumes and was estimated at over 80,000 pounds, which is about $135,000. Needless to say, we were careful when handing it.

After finishing in the Archive, we took a break for lunch. In the afternoon, we explored Allan Bank where Wordsworth had stayed. Today it is being used as a National Trust site, which featured activities to inspire such as trails around the extensive property, bird watching, drawing/painting, writing with quills and typewriters, teas and juices, reading, and exploring the house. Before jumping right into the activities, we discussed our readings for the day in front of the landscape that inspired Wordsworth.

All in all, the lake district, Ambleside, and Grasmere provided inspiration for our discussions of Wordsworth and the Romanticism of that period, which provided ample justification for the poetry we read. Don’t forget to check out Gretchen’s post!



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