Day Six: Goodbye York, Hello Ambleside

Students had sad faces while they packed their bag today, we were leaving our new favorite city of York.  We started our journey to Ambleside by taking a train to Preston where we waited about an hour for our next train to Windermere. 


Once we arrived in Windermere students and teacher got onto a double decker bus to get to our Hostel.  As the students rushed to get seats on the open top of the bus, Dr. Clark decided to stay on the bottom to ensure we got off at the right stop. As the bus took off the cold wind hit our faces.  As our first view of the lake came into our sight we soon forgot the cold.



The picture above does not give the view justice.  The lake water was calm and the surrounding landscape breathtaking.  After we were dropped off at Ambleside we had a very short walk to our hostel.



After checking into our rooms my group of 5 girls went out to explore the new city.  We walked along the shore line and saw groups of ducks, two geese, and a swan.  Our group noticed that everyone was eating ice cream so we decided that we needed to join in on this tradition and got ice cream.



It was very good and a nice treat that seemed to be the thing to do.  My group and I walked along the sea side and saw a great place to take more scenery pictures.

DSC00237     DSC00238


Once again these pictures do not do the scene justice; the view is breathtaking. As our group kept walking along some paths we came upon an Ambleside Roman Fort that had some of the structure still standing.

 DSC00252    DSC00254

We continued our walk into the city and came across some of the wildlife that Ambleside has to offer.  Pastures full of cows and sheep lined the streets of our walk to the city center.

  DSC00256     DSC00264


We stopped and stared at the animals because we don’t see them enough in Iowa. After our attention was done being sidetracked by the animals we continued our walk to have it only be distracted again by a game of rugby. DSC00266

For some of us this was as close as we had been to a rugby game.  After watching the end of the game we continued on to the city where we browsed some shops.  Of course we stopped in three bookstores, because this is what we English majors do. My group stopped to eat at a small pub to get some pub grub. I had bangers and mash.

DSC00275Our short walk back took us to the hostel where we ended our day.  We were excited to explore the city and be in a new location.  Everyone is looking forward to the new adventures we will start tomorrow.



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